What is Velox10 Global?

The Velox10 Global Results Sharing Program is a program that offers point packages for you to participate in your sharing of results. By purchasing one of Velox10 Global's Velox Points (VPs) packages, you will be taking part in the most modern and audacious in the Latin American share market. Secure your place in the future now!

How does it work?

Velox10 Global makes the acquisition of bitcoins in Brazil through the sale of participation points packages in the company's results sharing.

The bitcoins are sent to Velox10 Global Malaysia, which sells them in the local market, always attentive to the best exchange conditions.

The proceeds of this transaction are transferred to our business partners, to compile investment portfolios in crypto-coins among others.

The results obtained return to Velox10 Global Malaysia and are shared from there among the members, according to the points packages acquired.

Points Packages

Partner 100

Indication: 10%
Points: 20
Binary: 10%
Top: 2.000VPs/dia
Revenue/Day: 1%

Master 200

Indication: 10%
Points: 40
Binary: 30%
Top: 4.000VPs/dia
Revenue/Day: 1%

Master 500

Indication: 10%
Points: 100
Binary: 40%
Top: 6.000VPs/day
Revenue/Day: 1%

Master 1000

Indication: 10%
Points: 200
Binary: 50%
Top: 8.000VPs/day
Revenue/Day: 1%

Master 2000

Indication: 10%
Points: 400
Binary: 60%
Top: 10.000VPs/dia
Revenue/Day: 1%

Master 5000

Indication: 10%
Points: 1000
Binary: 60%
Top: 15.000VPs/dia
Revenue/Day: 1,2%

What is

Understanding Bitcoin is simple. It is a currency of digital technology that allows to reproduce in electronic payments the efficiency of the payment with banknotes for example. Payments with bitcoins are fast, cheap and without intermediaries. In addition, they can be made for anyone who is anywhere on the planet with no minimum or maximum value limit. The need for these “ritual ballots” had already been discussed since the very creation of e-commerce and materialized with Bitcoin, created in 2008, by an anonymous one.

Technology has been gaining many supporters worldwide. Recently Bill Gates in an interview with TV channel Bloomberg said that “Bitcoin is exciting because it is cheap.” Unlike most currencies, bitcoin does not depend on the trust of a centralized issuer or a financial institution.

Uses a distributed database, scattered over the P2P network (users) to record the transactions. Using open-source encryption to provide basic security functions, such as making sure that the cryptomanic has ownership and that the transfers are anonymous, that can only be spent by the owner, avoiding double costs and forgery. It also does not rely on trust between different users (network nodes), anyone can control and monitor a system node.

Today it is possible to donate in bitcoins to global institutions such as Greenpeace or Wikipedia, buy airline tickets on Expedia or enter an apartment at Tecnica, all using bitcoins. We believe it to be the most relevant technology being produced on the internet today. And it’s just the beginning.


Conheça as principais vantagens do Bitcoin


Não há um governo central que possa influenciar o valor da moeda com questões políticas.


O Bitcoin proporciona maiores retornos para quem investe em médio a longo prazo devido à sua constante valorização.


As informações pessoais são protegidas contra roubos de identidade através de criptografia e backup.

A moeda pode ser usada para pagamentos e transferências para qualquer lugar do mundo, com rapidez.

As taxas de transação, comparadas com as operadoras de cartão e banco, são muito baixas.


Não existe valor mínimo de investimento, e o mercado funciona 24h por dia, todos os dias.

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